Some proprietary software  ( while not truly open source ) is available as a free download.

Some are simplified versions.

Some are time limited teasers.

Some are restricted versions you can pay for additional options later.

Here are a few free downloadable software items worthy of a trial for your automation needs:

Free Downloads

When people thing of business software what is the first thought to mind?

Spreadsheets, Word Processors, Presentations, . . .

That is what you will find with LibreOffice !

How to start writing macros in LibreOffice Basic

5 open source software tools for supply chain management

Keep track of your inventory and the materials you need to make your products with these supply chain management tools. If you manage a business that deals with physical goods, supply chain management is an important part of your business process. Whether you're running a tiny Etsy store with just a few customers, or a Fortune 500 manufacturer or retailer with thousands of products and millions of customers worldwide, it's important to have a close understanding of your inventory and the parts and raw materials you need to make your products.

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Top 3 open source business intelligence and reporting tools

In economies of big data and open data, who do we turn to in order to have our data analysed and presented in a precise and readable format? This list covers those types of tools.